Cocoknits Makers Board
Cocoknits Makers Board
Cocoknits Makers Board
Cocoknits Makers Board

Cocoknits Makers Board

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Cocoknit's Maker’s Board is designed to hold your pattern and little accessories and is made with washable fabric. The internal metal sheets that make every surface magnetic, so you can stick a chart on one surface, your pattern on another, and adjust the angle when propped up. Use the strong magnets included to keep all your supplies at hand while you’re working. Its uses are only limited by your imagination!

Note: RULER AND GAUGE SET and ROW COUNTER sold separately.

Included with the Maker's Board are:

  • 4 round magnets covered in plastic-free PLA (made from fermented plant fibers)
  • 2 small, round, uncovered magnets to hold tools
  • 3 strong, uncovered rectangle magnets for propping board and holding other tools
  • Packaged in a linen drawstring bag for storage or to use as a project bag

Additional Accessories:

  • You can add on a colorful magnet set covered in PLA just like the included magnets. 
  • You can also add on a PLA magnetic ruler and gauge set that can double as straight edges to help track patterns and charts.
  • Maker's Clips (set of 2) are a simple way to keep all sorts of items where you need them. They have magnets embedded at each end to cling to themselves or any steel surface. You can even use them as a bookmark or pen loop (see photos).